Table Games Monarch Black Hawk Casino

    Action-packed fun.

    Experience the excitement of Vegas style table games at Monarch Casino Black Hawk.

    Black Jack

    Shoe or Double Deck

    • Side Bets
      • Bust Bonus - Win up to 75 times your wager when the dealer busts!
      • 21 Magic - Draw a 21 and win up to five times your side bet!


    • 12 pays triple in the field
    • Sharp Shooter -- Play this exciting side bet for craps that rewards a hot roll. More payouts. More often.
    • Bonus Craps
      • All Small - Bet on hitting 2-6 before hitting a 7 and win up to 35 times your wager!
      • All Tall - Bet on hitting 8-12 before hitting a 7 and win up to 35 times your wager!
      • Make 'Em All - Bet on hitting 2-12 before hitting a 7 and win up to 175 times your wager!

    Monarch Casino is Home of the Long Rolls!

    • Compete daily for the most consecutive rolls
      • 1st Place - $50 Cash
      • 2nd Place - $20 Cash
      • 3rd Place - $20 Cash
      • Exclusive t-shirt gift for EVERY long roll of 25 and over!


    Simply pick your numbers, colors, even or odd, and win when the ball lands in your spot.

    High Card Flush

    Feel the Rush!  Great game for beginners. Suits based, not poker based.

    Three Card Poker Progressive

    Featuring three ways to play and four ways to win.

    As of: 4/26/2017 7:24 PM


    Table Games Lucky Draw Hot Seats

    Win by playing your favorite table game!

    Wednesdays from Noon to 10 pm. Every 30 minutes, one lucky player will win $50 in Free Table Play just by playing at a table! Ask one of our friendly dealers for more details.

    Sharp Shooter and Three Card Poker are trademarks used under license from SHFL Entertainment, Inc. Raise the Roof trademarked under license from Score Gaming. High Card Flush trademarked under license from Galaxy Gaming. All rights reserved.


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