BetMonarch Sports App
Frequently Asked Questions

You can sign up for an account from within the app. Just provide the required personal information.

iPhone - To download the app to your iPhone, visit the App Sore and search "BetMonarch" or download here. Once you install the app, launch BetMonarch and click the orange "Register" button to create your account. Follow the instructions for depositing money in your new account.

Android - Visit with your device and click on the "Download for Android" button. Open BetMonarch.apk to install the app. Once the installation is complete, click the BetMonarch icon to launch the app. If you receive an error message during installation, please go to your phone's Settings menu, then tap Security (for older phones) or Applications (for newer phones) and check yes to allow installation of non-Market apps from Unknown Sources. You must have a Gmail account in order to install the application. Multiple Gmail accounts will cause issues. Please ensure you have one Gmail account set up before installing the application.

You will need your personal information (Name, Address), and your Social Security Number.
It is free to set up and account and download the app.

By linking your bank account or Credit Card through our secure service. 

Only $40 is required to start wagering.
You can make deposits and withdrawals from directly within the BetMonarch Sports App.
The app currently supports:
  • Android OS V2.4 and above
  • iPhone running iOS 9.0 or above
No, but internet access is required.
You can place Straight bets, Parlays, Round Robins and Teasers.
You have to be in the State of Colorado to place a bet. If you try to place a bet outside the state of Colorado the application will inform you that you are outside the state of Colorado, and therefore you cannot place the bet.
Betting limits vary based on type of sport and event. You may request any amount to wager and the BetMonarch app will inform you if you've requested an amount over the limit. Limits are also adjusted based on the time of day the wager is placed. Limits are higher during sportsbook hours of operation. The BetMonarch app is available 24/7, outside of normal sportsbook hours of operation the wagering limits are lower and some events may be closed. 
  • $1 on the BetMonarch app
  • $5 inside the casino
Once a bet has been placed, you cannot void your ticket.

WiFi does NOT need to be disabled for the app to be located but in the event a player is having difficulty getting located, mostly due to poor gps tracking , turning off the WiFi radio will allow the location to be easily tracked.

If you receive this error, the location information that is being sent by your mobile phone indicates that you may be located in Colorado, however the accuracy of the data is strong enough to ensure you are not over the border.

Please try the following to resolve this error:

  • If you are near the state border, please try moving closer into Colorado
  • Try turning off your phone and back on to force your phone to connect to new cell towers.
Please contact the Sportsbook at
Current hours of operation are 11:00 am to 7:00 pm MT. The BetMonarch app is available 24/7, outside of normal sportsbook hours of operation the wagering limits are lower and some events may be closed. Sportsbook hours may be extended for certain live events that take place outside of current hours of operation.