Free Play

Free Play

Enjoy the benefits of Free Play

Free Slot Play right on your Monarch Rewards card!

Easy and convenient

Enjoy the new Free Play system, where your Free Play is loaded right onto your Monarch Rewards card at the beginning of the month, for the same date ranges that are on your printed coupons. The cash value has already been loaded right onto your Monarch Rewards card. We will be happy to assist you in learning how to use your Free Play!

How Free Play works:
  • Insert your Club Monarch card into one of the designated slot machines. All machines are marked with a green (machine has Free Play) or red (NO Free play) sticker right by the card reader.
  • The message display will show your name.
  • After the greeting, press MENU.
  • Enter your PIN number.
  • The display will show your current Free Play credit balance.
  • Place your cash wager.
  • As you play, your Free Play credit will replenish your original wager from the credit meter.