Spa Monarch Rooftop View

Escape to Spa Monarch

All-new Spa, Rooftop Pool, Jaw-dropping Views 

A refuge from everyday cares, Spa Monarch replaces worldly concerns with a world of relaxation. Slip into total serenity as you rejuvenate your body and mind. Through innovative treatments and products from Haslauer GmbH, the Spa Monarch experience reinvents the future offering totally new unprecedented systems in wellness and spa. Experience personal discovery, solace and healing while recharging your senses. Luxuriate in the amazing sensations in our lounge as aching muscles are relaxed and invigorated.

Spa Monarch is equipped with these facilities for your relaxation:

  • Aqua Spa Lounge with Experiential Shower
  • Indoor and outdoor spas at the pool
  • Seasonal outdoor sun deck
  • Leading-edge Cardio Theater and Fitness Center
  • iPod™ compatible for music and video

Experience Spa Monarch Specialty Services and Treatments

  • Steam Bath Experiences: Pleasant temperatures, high humidity, genuine herbal aroma, soft mood lights and relaxing music. The Experience bath offers various treatment sequences of a Turkish bath, traditional herbal steam room with individually controlled warm tropical rain and ice-fog and Rasul related treatment programs
  • Tea lounges
  • Year-round Indoor Rooftop Pool with indoor/outdoor spas
  • Specialty Wraps: The “Med” Soft-pack™ system. A highly effective full body treatment plus cozy warmth, subdued light and moisturizing oils or creams, herbs, moor mud, algae, flowers or leaves that work their magic on the skin: that’s the best way to describe the Soft-Pack System.
  • Brine-Light Relaxation Lounge: The climate of the Ocean shore, wonderful color light play and brine inhalation make this a true relaxation lounge
  • Experience Shower with SnowBliss: Cool-down in a snowfall shower after heat treatments. This shower is on the deck in the Aqua Lounge. Specialty programs feature ice fog, thundershower, tropical rain, waterfall, fragrance infusions from concentrated essential oils and snowfall. Ice cold snowflakes gently fall onto the skin after a heat treatment, providing tingling, invigorating refreshment. This stimulates circulations, strengthens the immune system and firms the skin.
  • Ice Fountain: A beautiful fountain of cold crushed ice to refresh with while in the Aqua Lounge. Blood circulation is stimulated, the immune system strengthened and skin tightened when the body is heated and cooled.