Letter to Team Members


Thank you all for your continued patience during these unprecedented times. We know this time has been challenging for our entire Team, as well as your families, and we look forward to bringing everyone back to property as soon as we are allowed to do so.

As we mentioned previously, Monarch has implemented a temporary furlough of almost all Team Members effective March 20, 2020 as a result of COVID-19 and the government imposed closure of our operations. Those team members who have been asked to continue to work, or who will be asked to resume their duties prior to reopening, have been separately contacted by their department director.

For the sake of clarity, during the period of time you are on furlough, you are not authorized to work without advance written authorization from your department leadership. Accordingly, you are directed not to perform any of your usual work duties during this time and to cease any work you may have performed remotely. In this regard, we are requiring that you do not respond to or engage in any work-related phone calls, texts, or email communications regarding your usual work duties. For those Team Members with Company email, we have asked that you change your out-of-office reply to direct all outside email to your department director. For those Team Member’s with company cell phones, please change your voicemail message to provide contact information for your department director. After today, any remote access you have to the Company’s email and systems will be temporarily disabled.

Also, a lot of you have asked questions regarding your health insurance coverage after April 15th. Rest assured, the health and safety of our Team Members remains a high priority for us, as well as limiting the financial impact as much as possible. Accordingly, your health insurance coverage will continue to be available while you are on furlough. Your usual contributions for health insurance coverage will be deducted from your paychecks upon your return to work, which will be allocated equally over the first three pay periods after you resume working. This allocation of deductions may need to be modified based on any extensions to the government’s closure mandate.

As a reminder, Team Members have been furloughed; Team Members have NOT been laid off. Currently, Monarch intends to bring every Team Member back upon reopening. When filing for unemployment, make sure you are checking the option “job attached” due to being furloughed vs. laid off. Team Members on furlough are encouraged to apply for unemployment benefits at https://www.colorado.gov/cdle/unemployment.

We are truly sorry for the impact this has caused and look forward to ending this furlough period as soon as the Government allows us to do so. Please continue to check the Team Member webpage at https://www.monarchblackhawk.com/tm for any updates and feel free to contact the Human Resources Department with any questions.

All the best to you and your families and I look forward to working with you again as soon as possible.

Craig Pleva
General Manager
Monarch Casino Resort Spa